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A comprehensive chronology of the local Muslim community to 2015

Islam Open Day

September 19th, 2015

The Square, Palmerston North, September 19, 2015

Islam Open Day 2015 No 1
Islam Open Day 2015 No 2
Islam Open Day 2015 No 3
Islam Open Day 2015 No 4
For the press coverage of the event, click here.

Vigil for refugees, 2015

Vigil for Refugees 1

A cold, wet night on September 10, 2015, was not enough to deter 50 to 60 Palmerston North people from attending a vigil for the refugees from the endless wars in the Middle East — and from the many-sided conflict in Syria, in particular. The vigil, which saw many participants holding flickering candles as well as placards, was held outside the Ding Xin travel and immigration agency in central George Street. It was scheduled to last for two hours. Click here for the press coverage.

Vigil for Refugees 2

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Festival of Cultures, Palmerston North, March 22, 2014
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Index of names

Abdul Rahim Rasheed Ponsonby Mosque
Aysser Aljanabi Muslim head girl at Catholic school
Emilie Vallee Vanuatu water pump
Gamal Fouda Ramadan 2015
Ghadair Alshemari Islam Open Day, Auckland, 2015
Hazim Arafeh Rohingya vigil, Ramadan 2015
Ibrahim Al-Bahadly Islam Open Day, Palmerston North, 2015
Jeff Sluka Protest against the TPPA, Palmerston North, November 8, 2014
Karl du Fresne ‘America is on the side of the angels,’ 2015
Kim Hill ‘America is on the side of the angels,’ 2015
Mazhar Krasniqi Ponsonby Mosque
Mohammed Haniff Kassim Ponsonby Mosque
Mohammed Khan Feilding Islamic Center
Mohammad Shuaib Rohingya vigil
Norman Kyamamyma Vigil for refugees, Palmerston North
Saifudin Abu Taihape Mosque
Siti Khalijah Mohamed Taihape Mosque

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