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Sword of Islam 2

Sword of Islam 2

Continued from Part 1
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2 Responses to “Sword of Islam 2”

  1. Susan Minot (Fry) Says:

    Alex Fry was my father, and a very intelligent man (he was Chief Reporter then Assistant Editor of the Listener). I find his editorial prescient of current events, rather than prejudiced or phobic.

  2. kiwidollar2 Says:

    Your father was duped. Laffin was an imposter. He was not a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. (See the list of Fellows in 1986.) He did not hold a doctorate – or any university degree, for that matter. (See Wikipedia.) Furthermore, he was regarded with contempt by the academic community. (See the Bulletin of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies, 1986.) His “testable prediction” that Assad senior would try to seize Jerusalem in 1987 was absurd. The SAA has never had the ability to mount an operation of that scale. Even with the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, it is struggling to make headway against America’s jihadists.

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