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A comprehensive chronology of the local Muslim community to 2016


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I registered the domain at a time when I aspired to run my own search engine. From time to time, I have tried to use the search engine offered by CGISpy. But at present (August 18, 2015), I can’t even log into the CGISpy site. I am also worried about the security issues that this site has — if the warnings I receive from my NOD antivirus system are anything to go by.

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2015, Dec 9: Kiwis May be Going to Iraq, Syria to Be Brides
2015, Dec 7: The screws tighten: Battle looms over health supplements
2015, Nov 23: Attacks on Muslims unacceptable, says Manawatu Standard
1988, July: Israel’s diversion of Jordan River waters “enrages” Eisenhower