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I registered the domain in August 2015 after losing confidence in the “science” of vaccination. Previously, like everyone else, I unthinkingly accepted the medical mantra that “vaccination is safe and effective”, and turned up, without fail, for my annual flu shot. I didn’t search for material that cast doubt on this conventional wisdom. This came to me, fortuitously, while I was researching the issue of statin drug therapy — which I consider, incidentally, to be a scam.

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The illustration is a New Zealand greenstone pendant.

Confused?Which way should I go to escape the pestilence? Oh,
I know, I’ll get
a vaccination.

Measles outbreak, 2016

Morrinsville parents support a ban on the unvaccinated attending classes
No measles vaccination, no classes

“No measles vaccination, no classes,” was the headline above the leading article on Page 4 of the Manawatu Standard of May 16, 2016. (Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge it.) On reading the article, however, I learn that the ban applies only to those born after 1969. All those born before 1969 have presumably had the disease, and thereby acquired natural immunity to it. (Once again — in view of all the hype surrounding measles today — I am bemused by my survival back in the 1940s, when being given a mirror and told to “count the spots” was a celebrated part of growing up.) How soon will we see such bans imposed by other institutions?

HERO OF OUR TIME: Dr Wakefield gives a compelling presentation.

Kiwiblog shuts down debate on vaccination: Afraid of the truth emerging?
Uncensored magazine

“Attack of the Medical System: Now Our Second Leading Cause of Death!” is the headline of Uncensored magazine’s cover story of Sept-Dec 2013. Even if that’s an exaggeration, and the medical system is “only” the third, fourth or fifth leading cause of death, it should shock us out of our complacency — our naïve belief that “doctor knows best”. But David Farrar of Kiwiblog has apparently not heard of iatrogenic illnesses, which include the illnesses caused by vaccines, or has decided they are an acceptable price to pay for what he perceives to be the good of the “herd”. But whatever he believes, he has shown that he is no better than the presstitutes of the MSM by shutting down the vaccination debate at Kiwiblog.

POLICE OFFICER CHRIS SAVAGE BLOWS LID ON VACCINE CRIMES: Powerful testimony. See the case of Peter Ross Moran here. I, for one, would like to see the injured child’s vaccination history.

Shut up and get your shots, Noni MacDonald tells ‘flat-earthers’ in NZ
Noni MacDonald

The Manawatu Standard article on Noni MacDonald’s visit, dated Sept 4, 2015, is here. Note how she makes her case by setting up a straw man — an unidentified “Hamilton family”, whose members reportedly believed they would be “safe from [measles] if they ate the right foods” — and then demolishing this patently absurd belief, which the reader is allowed to assume is common among those who evince “vaccine hesitancy”. My favorite bit, though, is “You’re nuts if you don’t immunise. It’s like deny-
ing children the right to grow up and grow old.” As someone who had all the “childhood diseases”, including measles, I find this statement risible.

HEAR THE SILENCE: An excellent docudrama on the Dr Andrew Wakefield saga.

Let’s scare parents into compliance, says Manawatu Standard vaxxer
Matthew Dallas

Here we have the Standard’s Matthew Dallas writing in the paper’s editorial of Feb 27, 2014: “We’re not saying parents should be shamed into a greater awareness about vaccine preventative (sic) illnesses, but it couldn’t hurt to scare them a little.” Of course, no one wants too see a child die. But the assumption that infectious diseases can be eliminated by “science” through vaccination programs, when no vaccine provides more than partial, temporary immunity, is mistaken. One also has to remember that (a) some individuals are seriously harmed, even killed, by vaccines, and that (b) the general health of highly vaccinated individuals is no better, and usually worse, than that of people, like myself, who acquired lifelong immunity to the “childhood diseases” by actually having them.

VAXXERS’ NEMESIS: Dr Andrew Wakefield receives well-deserved, rapturous applause.

US pro-vaccination professor of epidemiology neatly reverses reality
Measles map, UK, 2012

“A rare, deadly, and highly contagious disease is spreading across the United States,” Professor Abdul El-Sayed writes in the Manawatu Standard on February 11, 2015, under the headline “Choosing fear over science a deadly game”. Good grief! What are we talking about here? The Black Death? No, we’re talking about measles — a disease that was described in the British Medical Journal in 1959 as “nowadays normally a mild infection”. Clearly, both parties can’t be right, unless measles has become more serious in the interim. And who, exactly, is whipping up fear?